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Morné Lombard, Red Ruby IT

About Me

At an early age, I discovered that I have a very big passion for Information Technology (IT) and Entrepreneurship. By utilising the various IT and entrepreneurial skills that I have learned and developed over time, I was able to start my own software company, Red Ruby IT. Through my company, I was able to do what I love, building a business from the ground up and developing custom software projects for clients.

Apart from business-related stuff, I like to spend time outdoors such as going mountain biking, hiking, camping and river rafting.


CEO, IT Director, Senior Developer

2015 - Present
Red Ruby IT (Pty) Ltd.

Red Ruby IT was founded in 2010 but at that time it was selling IT equipment and custom-built computers. In 2015 the company was joined by 2 other partners, an accountant and another software developer. We formally registered the company as a private company and started trading under the new name, Red Ruby IT (Pty) Ltd. During this time, we changed the direction of the company it became a pure software development company.

My primary job at Red Ruby IT involves talking to clients, capturing their requirements and making sure that their ideas become a reality by acting as the Business Analyst as well as the Senior Developer.

During my time at Red Ruby IT, I have learned many new skills that would help me in making a success of Red Ruby IT as well as for the many business opportunities that lay ahead.

Appian BPM Developer

2017 - Present
I Am App (Pty) Ltd.

I have started working as an Appian developer at I Am App (Pty) Ltd. to gain some experience in building Business Process Management (BPM) applications. At I Am App we use Appian as the main platform for developing custom BPM software for clients.

My primary job at I Am App is the taking on the Designer role, responsible for designing and building tailor-made business processes in order to achieve business requirements captured by the Analyst.

Informatics Tutor & Assistant

2014 - 2015
University of Johannesburg

I completed a tutoring programme at the University of Johannesburg where I went through a series of workshops that taught me how to successfully teach other people.

Using what I have learned, I signed up to be an Informatics tutor, assisting and teaching students to build basic software applicationg using Visual Basic.

Skills & Proficiency



Appian BPM Development




Website Hosting

DNS Management

Microsoft Office

Interested in my skills?

If you feel that any of my skills could be beneficial to you or your business, please send me an email or contact me via any of my social media profiles as listed in the sidebar on the right and I'll get in touch with you.